Urotsukidōji Volume 1 (FAKKU edition)

The Tentacle Lounge

007_6972ede2-de36-4148-894e-b40804fe7cd4In late 2015, word came out that prolific North America based Hentai publishers, FAKKU!. had acquired the licensing rights to Toshio Maeda’s magnum opus Urotsukidōji. News of such a release was very warmly welcomed since the existing Central Park Media release of Urotsukidōji was long out of print and becoming increasingly hard to find. (Well, for a sensible asking price anyway.) Within just a few months of the initial announcement, FAKKU! came through on their promise and launched a kickstarter campaign allowing fans to help fund the project whilst simultaneously giving them the chance to pick up some pretty nice perks along the way. The page had some interesting stretch goals including one that would ensure that Toshio Maeda would go back and revisit his manga and then “uncensor” the original artwork by drawing in the genitals that he obviously couldn’t draw first time round due to censorship laws…

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