Lady Ninja Kaede 2 on YouTube

The quality isn’t that awesome, but here’s Lady Ninja Kaede 2, complete with English subtitles. NSFW.


Godzilla Porn: Rodzilla Respurgence

cj1qa0pwkaa4fndNow available on Amazon worldwide (a search for “Rodzilla” will pull it up easily), or directly from the author via PayPal. Rodzilla Respurgence is the story of a radioactive monster from the depths of the ocean looking for a little poontang. The plot goes a little like this:

Tired of one-night stands with blue whales, Rodzilla — the massive green monster that was once called the King of Kaiju — rises from the unimaginable depths of the ocean. Bent on the carnal pleasures of the lady monsters of Zipang Island, he makes landfall only to find that there are those who wish to keep him from fine times with the Ningen Mermaids and Poonthulhu.

Soon allied with old friends, Rodzilla discovers he must defeat an upstart ape, King Dong, the Emperor of Zipang Island, before his nights of throttling fowl is over. And as if that weren’t enough tryst trouble for the atomic mouth-breather, the discovery of an impending invasion of aliens from another star system forces him to team up with an agent of the Commonwealth Union Military.

An adult parody of all your favorite kaiju monster movies, Rodzilla Respurgence is 24,000+ words (approx 55 MS Word pages) of fist fights and fornication between monsters, aliens and humans. Includes, but it not limited to futanari fun, MF, MM, FF.

Satire, parody, good fun.

“Wow, what a fucked up story! This is some sick shit!” — Jimmy Pudge, bizzaro author of The Dick, Franken Bitch, Game of Hoes, and many other titles