Rodzilla Opening Scene and Wordcount

Morning Kaiju Fans! I hope this update finds you all well.

Today I have for you the official running wordcount (17,700+) AND 
pasted below is the opening scene, in-full, as it stands! There’s been quite a little buzz about project, but it could still use a lot more. So, please, please, help this work of love grow stronger by sharing it with family and friends!

All the best!


Opening scene from Rodzilla Respurgence
©2016, Made in DNA
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a rough draft of a monster porn novel Rodzilla Respurgence, (currently at 17,700 words and counting) I am currently working on. It contains adult material (and probably a few mistakes). It is being released for promotional purposes only, and may NOT be used for anything otherwise without author permission ( It will be released this summer (just in time for certain… ballbuster movie “releases”).
Go here for the IndieGogo campaign:

In the unimaginable depths of the ocean, Rodzilla grunted over and over, thrusting his giant hips forward as he brought his stubby clawed forepaws toward himself. He had caught the young female blue whale unaware after she had lost her pod. Planning on making a meal of her, Rodzilla had made to take a huge chunk out of her side when he took a fancy to her massive mouth. Immediately his big prick swelled and he had shoved it inside her mouth and began to pound away mercilessly. She was the perfect size, his cock easily bypassing her throat into the warm depths of her stomach.

He slammed himself in and out of her inner flesh, the violent threshing of her powerful tail against the penetration of his thick, meaty cock only worked to excite him further. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly bringing him off as quickly or satisfactorily as he had assumed it would. Truth was, Rodzilla had grown tired of having to facefuck his meals before eating them.

The thoughts spoiled his rhythm, and he thought for a moment the female hump might get free of his grasp. He was able to retain his hold thought, but the damage had been done, the climax he had been approaching had slipped through his fingers. Beginning a furious effort to get off. The joy of the fuck had somehow been lost, but he’d come this far, somehow he needed to see it through. It was just one of those things.

Rodzilla’s hot white load shot out of his green meat with the speed and pressure of an underwater cone geyser, nearly blowing the female humpback out of his grasp as it filled her until it came floating back out of mouth.

The giant monster shuddered several times, but instead of the warm pleasure that usually came over him, an emptiness tinged with regret and frustration started in his balls, and washed up his gigantic frame.

Looking down at the humpback, he considered letting her go, but good sense took hold and he brought the whale up as his flaccid dick slipped out and took a humongous chuck out of her side. Teeth the length of large tuna, ripped through flesh, fat and cartilage; gore, semen and blood exploded into the water around his head as he gulped down massive hunks he didn’t bother to chew. The humpback quite squirming in his grasp after the third such bite as he ripped out a good portion of her heart and nervous system.

He was tired of fucking his meals, he wanted, no, needed! some real monster pussy, and the only way to get it was on Zipang Island — a broad expanse of island in the southern isles region with several active volcanoes and thick jungle forests. It hosted a primitive tribe of Pacific islanders which a culture that believed in sacrificing young virgins to giant monsters like himself. Thus it became a magnet for them. It would be there he could get his bodacious rocks off, if anywhere.

Tossing the rest of the carcass to the ocean floor, the giant lizard wasted no further time in heading for poontang paradise.

Opening scene from Rodzilla Respurgence
©2016, Made in DNA


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