Overdue Update King Dong vs Rodzilla

(Movie copyright Toho. No infringement intended.)

Hello again from Japan. I’d like to apologize for the late update. I had planned on updating a little more often, but while writing is not a problem on my Android tablet, editing can be a real dog if you need to insert or delete scenes. It’s not impossible, but it is easier to make potentially big mistakes. I’m just not willing to take that risk with the deadline I have set up for this work. (As stated before, end of the month or earlier.)

All that aside, I thought I would share with you the process of my “homework” on this project. A lover of kaiju (giant monsters from Japan) flicks, I’ve been concentrating on taking in as many Godzilla monster movies as possible. Oh, yes, it is a great sacrifice of personal time. Quite frankly, I don’t know that I can continue at my present pace of a movie or two every few days. It’s absolutely gruelling.

Today I rented King Kong vs. Godzilla. I’ve been saving this one for last as my own work hinges on a brawl between the two big boys. While the two have encountered a slew of adversaries up until this point in the novel, I am now getting ready to bring them together for an ballbusting climax of fisticuffs and fornication.

I would like my readers to keep in mind though, that this is a parody work and I intent to keep it as original as possible. One or two throws might be paid homage to, however, overall, this novel is not a copy of any movie in the series (unless I have been terribly unlucky in thinking up plot points). So why then watch the movies? Inspiration, monsters I’ve forgotten, a good laugh. I mean, really, why NOT rewatch the movies of my childhood that I enjoyed so much?

Again, thanks for all your support. Matters not to me whether I reach the $500 goal I do not need to money to finish the book. Everything has been paid for out-of-pocket, and while it would be nice to recoop my expenses before the ebook launches, I’m not going to worry about it. I write because I love, not to make money.

All the best!

Originally posted (6/12) at the crowdfunding site for this project: https://igg.me/at/rodzilla


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