He cometh… A lot.

Publishing on Amazon this coming July, my newest ebook, Rodzilla Respurgence, is a monster-porn parody featuring the monsters of the Godzilla movies of my youth, not only in battles of survival, but in to-victors-go-the-spoils adult situations. Fight and fuck.

With the upcoming movie in late July, I wanted to pay both homage and poke fun at all the great late night and Saturday afternoon flicks I enjoyed when I was a kid (which I still get a kick out of watching).

While I am still penning the final chapters of one the the longest short stories I have written to date (the longest being Bukkake Brawl which comes in at around 36,000 words), I will be finishing within the next couple of weeks. With the help of a few fellow Bizarro lovers, the work will be edited and evenutally sold on Amazon for around $2.99 to $3.99. (Not yet set.)

Before Amazon gets their grubby paws on it and takes a good hunk of my hard-earned money though, I’m offering it up on IndieGogo. Why not Kickstarter, you may ask? Because KS doesn’t allow non-US/Canada credit card holders to start campaigns. Too bad, so sad. But that’s alright. IndieGogo is flexible and they are willing to work with adult authors.


I’ll be posting several updates on IG and here, with word counts and samples for everyone to enjoy. I’m also working the social media angles on Twitter and Facebook, so if you see one more my posts, I’d appeciate you sharing, retweeting, or reposting. Word of mouth is a huge factor in how well crowdfunding works.

Without further ado, I give you the link to the campaign. The perks are simple, and yet they don’t promise anything I can’t deliver, and in fact, the higher in teh funding tier you go, the sooner you can get some great reading on your favorite ebook reader (all ebooks in DRM-free format) as they include previously published work of mine.


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2 thoughts on “He cometh… A lot.

    • Hey, Bill, I’m glad I made you laugh. With that I feel that all the effort and time put i to the book has been worth it . Moreover, you have energized me with the will to get it into readers’ hands that much faster. (After proper editing, of course.) All the best.

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