Rodzilla Opening Scene and Wordcount

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Today I have for you the official running wordcount (17,700+) AND 
pasted below is the opening scene, in-full, as it stands! There’s been quite a little buzz about project, but it could still use a lot more. So, please, please, help this work of love grow stronger by sharing it with family and friends!

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Opening scene from Rodzilla Respurgence
©2016, Made in DNA
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a rough draft of a monster porn novel Rodzilla Respurgence, (currently at 17,700 words and counting) I am currently working on. It contains adult material (and probably a few mistakes). It is being released for promotional purposes only, and may NOT be used for anything otherwise without author permission ( It will be released this summer (just in time for certain… ballbuster movie “releases”).
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In the unimaginable depths of the ocean, Rodzilla grunted over and over, thrusting his giant hips forward as he brought his stubby clawed forepaws toward himself. He had caught the young female blue whale unaware after she had lost her pod. Planning on making a meal of her, Rodzilla had made to take a huge chunk out of her side when he took a fancy to her massive mouth. Immediately his big prick swelled and he had shoved it inside her mouth and began to pound away mercilessly. She was the perfect size, his cock easily bypassing her throat into the warm depths of her stomach.

He slammed himself in and out of her inner flesh, the violent threshing of her powerful tail against the penetration of his thick, meaty cock only worked to excite him further. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly bringing him off as quickly or satisfactorily as he had assumed it would. Truth was, Rodzilla had grown tired of having to facefuck his meals before eating them.

The thoughts spoiled his rhythm, and he thought for a moment the female hump might get free of his grasp. He was able to retain his hold thought, but the damage had been done, the climax he had been approaching had slipped through his fingers. Beginning a furious effort to get off. The joy of the fuck had somehow been lost, but he’d come this far, somehow he needed to see it through. It was just one of those things.

Rodzilla’s hot white load shot out of his green meat with the speed and pressure of an underwater cone geyser, nearly blowing the female humpback out of his grasp as it filled her until it came floating back out of mouth.

The giant monster shuddered several times, but instead of the warm pleasure that usually came over him, an emptiness tinged with regret and frustration started in his balls, and washed up his gigantic frame.

Looking down at the humpback, he considered letting her go, but good sense took hold and he brought the whale up as his flaccid dick slipped out and took a humongous chuck out of her side. Teeth the length of large tuna, ripped through flesh, fat and cartilage; gore, semen and blood exploded into the water around his head as he gulped down massive hunks he didn’t bother to chew. The humpback quite squirming in his grasp after the third such bite as he ripped out a good portion of her heart and nervous system.

He was tired of fucking his meals, he wanted, no, needed! some real monster pussy, and the only way to get it was on Zipang Island — a broad expanse of island in the southern isles region with several active volcanoes and thick jungle forests. It hosted a primitive tribe of Pacific islanders which a culture that believed in sacrificing young virgins to giant monsters like himself. Thus it became a magnet for them. It would be there he could get his bodacious rocks off, if anywhere.

Tossing the rest of the carcass to the ocean floor, the giant lizard wasted no further time in heading for poontang paradise.

Opening scene from Rodzilla Respurgence
©2016, Made in DNA


Overdue Update King Dong vs Rodzilla

(Movie copyright Toho. No infringement intended.)

Hello again from Japan. I’d like to apologize for the late update. I had planned on updating a little more often, but while writing is not a problem on my Android tablet, editing can be a real dog if you need to insert or delete scenes. It’s not impossible, but it is easier to make potentially big mistakes. I’m just not willing to take that risk with the deadline I have set up for this work. (As stated before, end of the month or earlier.)

All that aside, I thought I would share with you the process of my “homework” on this project. A lover of kaiju (giant monsters from Japan) flicks, I’ve been concentrating on taking in as many Godzilla monster movies as possible. Oh, yes, it is a great sacrifice of personal time. Quite frankly, I don’t know that I can continue at my present pace of a movie or two every few days. It’s absolutely gruelling.

Today I rented King Kong vs. Godzilla. I’ve been saving this one for last as my own work hinges on a brawl between the two big boys. While the two have encountered a slew of adversaries up until this point in the novel, I am now getting ready to bring them together for an ballbusting climax of fisticuffs and fornication.

I would like my readers to keep in mind though, that this is a parody work and I intent to keep it as original as possible. One or two throws might be paid homage to, however, overall, this novel is not a copy of any movie in the series (unless I have been terribly unlucky in thinking up plot points). So why then watch the movies? Inspiration, monsters I’ve forgotten, a good laugh. I mean, really, why NOT rewatch the movies of my childhood that I enjoyed so much?

Again, thanks for all your support. Matters not to me whether I reach the $500 goal I do not need to money to finish the book. Everything has been paid for out-of-pocket, and while it would be nice to recoop my expenses before the ebook launches, I’m not going to worry about it. I write because I love, not to make money.

All the best!

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Rodzilla Respurgence: Godzilla porn battle scene


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a rough draft of a scene (non-adult in nature) from Rodzilla Respurgence. It is being released for promotional purposes only, and may NOT be used for anything otherwise without author permission ( It will be released this summer (just in time for certain… ballbuster movie “releases”). Again, this is a rough draft and most certainly contains a few mistakes.

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Watching through one of the many vid cams planted on the island.

“C.U.M. Zipang, do you read? This is Colonel Uesugi.” The rarely-used radio frequency reserved for officers squawked.

Tuning in quickly, the two C.U.M. military personnel replied, “Yessir! This is C.U.M. Zipang. We read you.”

“Is the feed live?” The colonel was referring to the live video the island outpost was currently broadcasting.

“Yessir, the feed you are recieve is confirmed live.”

“CosmOrgasMan has engaged King Dong…” It was more statement than question. “Good. Is the TransBeam operational?”

The two looked at each other and nodded, “Just a moment, sir.” The pair work quickly throwing switches and checking meter readouts.

“Yessir, the beam is operational.”

“Very well. I want you to listen very carefully.”


Trenton leaped into action. Literally. With a short, but quick run, he performed a flying leap kick that knocked Dong backwards. The gorilla roared in anger and surprise as he was knocked back by his opponent. Rising up, he beat his chest and launched himself at the superhero.

The two tussled and grappled as both Dong and CosmOrgasMan grabbed each other. They threw each other in circles, slamming each other against surrounding trees and rocks. Punches and shin kicks were exchanged. Dong snapped forward to dig his massive fangs into Trenton’s shoulder. Though they did not pierce the tough material of the alien power suit, Trenton screamed in pain, and brought his knee up into the ape’s groin.

Dong relased the superhero and looked up at his opponent in rage. CosmOrgasMan wasted no time in pressing his advantage by unleashing a nasty headbutt to the ape’s nose and brow that had Dong seeing stars.

Reeling from the blow, the emperor of Zipang Island staggered backward, this time holding onto Trenton in an effort to stay up. But it was no use, the gorilla fell back against a large slab of rock that clipped the back of his knee. Figuring to finish Dong without much more trouble, Trenton pushed the ape back over the rock slab onto which he himself jumped and took up a firing stance.

From where they came, he could not say, but the words and the wild hand gestures he performed as he stood over his fallen opponent flowed naturally — even if he did feel a bit silly, “By the Spunk of the Big Bang, and the Moan of the Universe after, I am CosmOrgasMaARRRGGH!”

Without warning, a beam from Mt. Zipang, the still active volcano on the island, struck Trenton from behind. Lights, colors and sound enveloped him in a dazzling, deafening display. His body writhed and shuddered under the attack. Pain penetrated deep into his soul and his DNA.

Down on the ground, through his own pain, which was just starting to abate to a tolerable level, looked up at the sight. A grin came to the ape’s face as he watched the stinking superhero shudder and scream. With a ruthless smile, he rose up, shaking off the rest of the pain and leaped up on the slab of rock with his opponent.

Cautious of the beam and the aura of of it that enveloped CosmOrgasMan, Dong stepped in as close as possible and sniffed. There was a strangely sexual odor to it. Somewhere between male and female; it was not unpleasant, and yet, he was wary of it.

Again, without warning, the beam snapped off, and the superhero was left standing, weaving in place — as if still caught in its hold. Figuring it was safe to touch his opponent, Dong gripped Trenton’s shoulders and unleashed a viscious kick to the nuts, laughing as the hero fall slowly to his knees in his grip. Then, picking up the helpless hero, the emperor ape lifted him over his head, and roared for the entire island to hear. He knew there would be other monsters watching, and he wanted them to know what happened to those who opposed him. Not even the stinking, dirty hands of man could stop him!

Heaving the hero with all his might, he watched as the body flew across the open expanse of the clearing and slammed against a copse of jungle palms and slid downward to the ground. Raising his head and roaring once more, he beat his chest.

With a slow approach, Dong figured to finish the stupid human, crush his skull, and after that head over to the other side of the island where he knew the humans had an outpost. He’d crush the partially hidden base into the ground and then jack off on the remains, drowning any survivors in monkey spunk. Let the humans know that if they were going to fuck with the Emperor Ape of Zipang Island, then he was going to be the one on top.

He was about to reach out to grab the unconscious figure when it began to glow, pulsating brightly. Instinctively jumping back, he returned to the slab of rock to watch as the human’s body was lifted into the air by an unseen force he assumed was somehow the light, and yet, there was no external source. It had to be coming from the human itself. as he began groaning and moaning. He shook himself

Up into the air, the body lifted and straightened until it looked as if the superhero were standing some twenty meters off the ground whereupon a haggard groaning began to issue forth.

“Wha– Huh?”

CosmOrgasMan seemed to be disorientated, unsure of his surroundings. King Dong watched intently.

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He cometh… A lot.

Publishing on Amazon this coming July, my newest ebook, Rodzilla Respurgence, is a monster-porn parody featuring the monsters of the Godzilla movies of my youth, not only in battles of survival, but in to-victors-go-the-spoils adult situations. Fight and fuck.

With the upcoming movie in late July, I wanted to pay both homage and poke fun at all the great late night and Saturday afternoon flicks I enjoyed when I was a kid (which I still get a kick out of watching).

While I am still penning the final chapters of one the the longest short stories I have written to date (the longest being Bukkake Brawl which comes in at around 36,000 words), I will be finishing within the next couple of weeks. With the help of a few fellow Bizarro lovers, the work will be edited and evenutally sold on Amazon for around $2.99 to $3.99. (Not yet set.)

Before Amazon gets their grubby paws on it and takes a good hunk of my hard-earned money though, I’m offering it up on IndieGogo. Why not Kickstarter, you may ask? Because KS doesn’t allow non-US/Canada credit card holders to start campaigns. Too bad, so sad. But that’s alright. IndieGogo is flexible and they are willing to work with adult authors.


I’ll be posting several updates on IG and here, with word counts and samples for everyone to enjoy. I’m also working the social media angles on Twitter and Facebook, so if you see one more my posts, I’d appeciate you sharing, retweeting, or reposting. Word of mouth is a huge factor in how well crowdfunding works.

Without further ado, I give you the link to the campaign. The perks are simple, and yet they don’t promise anything I can’t deliver, and in fact, the higher in teh funding tier you go, the sooner you can get some great reading on your favorite ebook reader (all ebooks in DRM-free format) as they include previously published work of mine.


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Translation and Censorship: A Translator’s View

For those of the TL;DR crowd, go to the very bottom for a quick two-line writeup in a nutshell.

“Censorship” in gaming. Yeah, there are quotes around that word, because I think 1) it’s a loaded word, and 2) one man’s censorship, is another man’s localization effort. As Obi-wan said to Luke, it’s all a matter of point of view. In this article, I will not be discussing true censorship (as in banning products because the governement doesn’t want to you read/listen to/play something), but what some gamers (and I’m a gamer myself) consider to be “translation censorship” (my term).

Normally, I don’t jump into the censorship in gaming “wars” on social media, again, for two reasons, 1) I write/translate porn, thus I don’t want to risk alienating clients, and 2) fighting over a subject of endless debate on the Internet is like the Mac vs. “PC,” (or for those of you at home weren’t on the Internet in the 90s, Android vs. iOS), debates, ultimately, it’s all opinion. Like assholes, everyone has one, and what comes out shouldn’t necessarily be paid any attention to.

But I came across this little gem today. (Edited for privacy.)


Okay, first and foremost, and I’m sure many of you have already caught on to what I’m going to say: being a “pro-translator” and censorship are mutually exclusive in most cases of localization. For those of you who do not, or did not, know this, let me tell you how I (and I assume most freelance translators) approach translation jobs by walking you through the process of one. And please, note, this is a very watered-down version of what happens.

First, I am approached by a company to do a translation (or as I like to call it localization) job. Usually this happens through one of a variety of methods, whether I have applied to the company directly, or I have applied to a secondary company who offers to assign me the job, or through friends who put me in contact with the company.

Once I have the job, if there is a great amount of content (and usually there is if it’s a game), then I may be working on a team. Many times, I do not know anyone on the team, or anything about them beyond their names. There is also a “manager,” someone who has to ride lead over all the translators to keep us all on the same page.

I am assigned a portion of the game to translate. If the game is a well-known property, I am given (hopefully — at least by better companies who know what they are doing) a glossary of terms I should follow (character/place/object names/titles, etc.).

Then, depending on whether this kind of thing is covered in the glossary or not, I may ask questions like, “What kind of language do you want used for Japanese terms like 「くそ!」or 「てめぇー!」?,” because depending on the age group this is aimed at, using “Shit!” and “Fucker!” could be frowned upon. And I would agree, I would never use those words in a game aged at younger or more general audiences. I would use something like “Darn!” or “What!?” and “You!” or “You jerk!” Both are correct translations/localizations. Anyone who says otherwise is not familiar enough with the Japanese language to be telling me my job.

I then begin translating. When I come across something I find that might need a level of discretion, again, depending on who the game is aimed at, I bring it up to the “manager”. Now, this MAY sound like censorship on my part, I can assure you, it is not. Frankly, I hate points like this in the game as they waste my time. I would rather just everyone leave the translation to me, so I can finish the job, get paid, and move on to the next one. (Just like you do at work, whether flipping burgers, processing documents or litigating court cases, ultimately we all want everyone out of your way so we can move on without much BS.) But that’s not how it works, I need to discuss things with people. They could be any number of issues, but ultimately they come down to “is this going to work with our target audience”? (It can make or break a game. You think it might not, but let me assure you, it does. Just like in ANY game, translated or local. The last thing a company wants is a game being banned from sale.)

Sometimes, I offer the manager a number of different translations based on what I think might work the best, from straight up following the meaning (not the words!) of the original, to changing things (she’s not a high school student, she’s a college student!). If I have such to offer the manager, I do. The manager then gives me a decision, if that power has been invested in him or her. (If not, s/he takes it to whomever CAN make that decision, including going back to the parent company if the game is being outsourced for translation.) I follow it.

I follow the decision no matter what I think of it. I am NOT paid to think beyond what MIGHT be in the game’s best interest. Again, though, ultimately, as the translator, I have no say, and I am DAMNED lucky if anyone listens to me at all.

Translation has nothing to do with my politics, religion (or lack thereof), or actual feelings on the game material. I walk a fine line. If I want to continue making money as a pro translator, then I follow the rules and guidelines set down before me by my (albeit, mostly temporary) employers. And I do so because I don’t WANT to be temporary; I want the company to say, we like working with you, here’s more work!

So while it might sound callous and like I’m selling out, I say, you are not me, and I am making money doing what I love. And more to the point, if you don’t like the products being put out as they are, start your own translation company (or go freelance) and make your own terms.

As for myself, as a person WORKING as a freelance translator, I follow the guidelines given to me by the people paying me, or I don’t work. If you don’t understand that, you really need to get a better grasp on the working world.

DEMONIACA: The Pixelart of Adult-themed Indie Horror Gaming



Demoniaca nuda-1

Game explanation: “DEMONIACA is a pixel art indie game developed by Mnemosyne Games and set in a dark, gothic environment. It is a pixel art action platformer that combines Castlevania’s aesthetic with classic Fighting Game combat mechanics, like “the King of Fighters”. In fact it is the first prototype of Kofvania.”

Story: “Striving to build a new Tower of Babel, a clan of ancestral demons razes a village to the ground. They sacrifice all its inhabitants, but one girl survives. Gutted and apparently dead, she wakes up upon piles of smoking corpses, surrounded by pools of blood. Her own blood has been contaminated with that of the demons, giving her inhuman powers. She sews her mangled body back together and decides to avenge her brothers. Setting off on her revenge journey, she joins a world made of death, blood and violence in a quest to discover her true nature.”

Taken from the Kickstarter page of DEMONIACA, the above is a tantalizing preface to a gore-laced sexploitation indie game with roots in not one, but two, different beloved classic titles.

For just €13 (early bird pricing), crowdfunders can invest in a game that allows enjoyment of both a “standard” and “uncensored” version, complete with sensual, bouncing pixelated breasts, jagged, wince-worthy battle scars, and more.

Set firmly in a dark gothic horror setting, there is plenty of gore and blood to satisfy splatterpunk fans as well. This game is offering quite a bit, to quite a few different genre lovers. In addition to the PC/Mac/LINUX platforms already in the works, a PS4/Vita version is planned if stretch goals are met – all the more reason to get in on the crowdfunding phase. There is also a Steam Greenlight page. ( UPDATE: The game has been “Greenlit” on Steam!

Striving to bring the best in a variety of media types to this blog, when I ran across, DEMONIACA, I was blown away by the gall and balls of this indie platformer to mix the various of themes of horror, splatterpunk, dark fantasy, magic, and martial arts action, and then up the ante by giving the players the option to go adult.

Many games (both indie and commercial) often play host to adult themes including mature relationships between characters, risque bars, third-party skins/mods and a bevy of other titilating concepts, but very few game creators themselves offer “standard” and “adult” versions of the game. But that is what developer Fabio Consorti is offering. It’s not hidden in the menu, it’s not a secret level, it’s not alluded to blog entries, it’s offered as one the Kickstarter options separate from the standard version.

As a sexploitation author myself, I personally enjoy titles that feature more mature content, yet remain true to gaming (like the classic Duke Nukem). I don’t need “sex conquest” titles, I just want a little shake-ass, nudie bar, and the occasional bedroom scene in games (and other media as well). With the vibrant rise of game character fan art pornography, that I am not the only one. As an adult “pixel art action platformer,” DEMONIACA promises to deliver this, as well as further open the door for other titles that strive to be more than just Fist Action Providers.

And so, in an effort to gain more insight into this future indie gem (as well as an explanation into an oddly interesting Pinned Tweet on Fabio’s Twitter page), I reached out to Fabio Consorti (a.k.a. “AKI”, digital artist and game developer):

SEXPLORATION FICTION: Can you give readers a quick rundown who you are and where you’re from?

AKI: I’m AKI, a concept artist. My style has been influenced by several artistic elements such as games, movies and architecture. Manga had a major role in my artistic training. I am a big fan of the genre, in fact, I started my career illustrating manga. Moreover, being a gamer for over 20 years has kept my mind open, allowing me to think outside the box. I’ve learned a lot from games, and during all these years they have become an essential part of my creative process. I’ve previously worked at other games, but now I’ve decided to create my own first ambitious project to express my concept without any restrictions, and this is Demoniaca.

SEXFIC: Your page ( is a collection of digital art (concept, pixel, gif and more); tell us about your work in general.

AKI: Art is a dynamic concept, something that changes constantly over time and often leads to unexpected results: the best way to approach art is to evolve with it, experimenting continuously something new. Concept Art let me draw up and evolve my ideas quickly, and that’s a fundamental process in the development of a video game. Concerning my works, I love Cyberpunk and often my creations take that direction. Masterpieces in the Sci-Fi genre, like ‘Blade Runner’, helped me out to develop my personal vision of the future.

SEXFIC: What inspired you to start work on DEMONIACA? Was it other games? Other mature media?

AKI: From an early age, I’ve always been attractied to videogames, and one of my dreams was to create one. For many years, I’ve also cultivated an interest in manga, drawing and cinema. Recently, I’ve committed myself to putting together all my acquired knowledge and focusing it on a concrete project. Thus, supported by my brave friends, DEMONIACA was born.

Demoniaca comes from personal influences: manga have affected the style of the game, my passion for retrogaming led me to use pixelart, and my love for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, from which the background of the game is derived, has been a big influence. Overall, this has been a very challenging title but we are putting our hearts and souls into it. Thus considering that Demoniaca combines manga and horror, adult content fits it well, in my opinion, giving players a more rounded experience.

SEXFIC: You mentioned in the pinned tweet ( that you were aware that “DEMONIACA is open to severe criticism.” What kind of criticism, and from whom, has the game faced?

AKI: One of the frequent criticisms we receive is our lack of gamemaking credentials. Despite our various collected experiences in game development, our team is new, and DEMONIACA is a truly ambitious project. Thus this creates some sketicism among potential funders, as well as media.

Another significant criticism is that we are using spicy content to veil deficiencies on other aspects of the game. Of course the game is still in pre-alpha stage and there’s a lot of work to do, but in my opinion the concept shows much more than just sexual content; fortunately, many our supporters believe the same. Nowadays it is much safer for an indie team to bet on minimal, stylish, and deeply ambient games

SEXFIC: Why create an adult-themed version of this title? A platformer of this caliber and genre is one that gamers are generally attracted to, and thus, a “standard” title would be enough?

AKI: We believe that in a horror game, features like nudity and violence are fundamental ingredients. They also occur frequently in manga, which has heavily influenced our concept! The game concept proposes not only “sexy scenes” but unrestricted use of violence and gore. We are indie developers and releasing an uncensored “director’s cut” version highlights our willingness to keep our freedom of expression.

SEXFIC: Have you worked on any other adult titles?

AKI: No, this is my first challenge, but I going to tackle it head on.

SEXFIC: Does the growing adult title genre interest you?

AKI: I think that this kind of content can be an added value to games. As I said, the quality of a game should be in foreground, but if the adult content is well contextualized and aimed to enrich a good story, it is welcome. In regard of characters, creators should take care to create personalities first.

SEXFIC: What kinds of games do you personally like to play? Are there any adult titles on the market right now that have caught your interest?

AKI: I like retro games, mostly platformer, as well as modern games. I’m not very fond of last generation games though, where titles are mostly built around the unique idea to increase sales volume. My appreciation goes beyond the adult content in itself. Many games contain spicy content with well-orchestrated game background, sometimes it’s only a feature that ends in itself, and in such cases rarely catches my attention.

SEXFIC: Is there anything I haven’t covered in my questions that you would like to share with the readers?

AKI: I would like to spend few words about crowdfunding, in particular the weight that people have not only in pledging to the project, but even in sharing and making it visibile. Now hundreds of indie teams with fresh and brilliant ideas are fighting a battle lost in the shadow of other projects highlighted by subtle marketing campaigns. Crowdfunding should really help people with great ideas and small possibilities, and not be manipulated by big software houses camouflaged as small indie makers.

If you come accross an interesting project but you can’t contribute, spreading the word is as equally important.

Finally, thanks for this interview, and for your help to fight our battle!

SEXFIC: The pleasure was mine. Best of luck! You have my money!
While Fabio and the rest of the crew update the Kickstarter page (, it is slightly easier to follow the updates in via his Kicktraq’s page  ( And if you are interested in reading a second page on the game’s development, check Bombchu’s recent interview (
Again, apologies for the lack of formatting.