Uncensored MV: Perturbator – “Sentient”

Uploaded on March 29th, “Sentient” is a new track from Perturbator’s upcoming album, The Uncanny Valley. While the track itself is hauntingly excellent with vocals by Hayley Stewart, I highly recommending it to fans of gynoids and cyberpunk themes. Starting at 2:25 minutes, there are a series of uncensored sexual cut-scenes. Definitely NSFW.

According to the YouTube upload page:

The album will be released on May 6th, 2016 through Finland/USA label Blood Music.

Co-written by Perturbator and Blood Music.
Produced by Blood Music.


Miyako Akane’s “Yellow Gal”

Not much explanation really needed here. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Star Trek’s green Orion slave girl will surly enjoy burlesque cosplay artist Akane Miyako‘s “Yellow Gal”.

Unfortunately, an Internet search only pulls up the four images you see here. According to her Twitter timeline, the yellow body paint was for an shoot of some sort. So to balance out the post, I’ve added a few more images from her timeline, including a photo of her in metallic bronze body paint, which she says makes her look like one of Hajime Sorayama’s Sexy Robot Gigantes girls. I fapgree.

Sexy Robot Gigantes girls

Bukkake Brawl – by Made in DNA (NSFW)


Filth and fornication, depravity, dissolution and unquestioned violence, little questions with big answers. Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch the world burn in the most sickening way possible. When it comes to writing something that both arouses every part of you and turns your stomach at the same time you really can’t go past the insanity that is Made in DNA’s short story collection Bukkake Brawl.

Bukkake Brawl is A Clockwork Orange for the cynical and jaded internet age. Where morality and taboo erode like limestone cliffs in time lapse. At first glance it seems written simply to provoke a reaction; language is beyond obscene, in a world where even the simplest noun and verb is synonymous with bestial depravity. Sex and violence not only the flavour but also the main course and side dishes. However hidden amongst layers of over-sexualised interaction and setting there is true…

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