Ninjathulhu (Second free scene)

As promised last week, I would be posting another scene from my upcoming, yet-still-untitled “ninjathulhu” short story (as it is rapidly approaching 8000 words and looking like it might be around 10K, it might actually work itself up to a novella).

Without further ado, enjoy. Please note, that this is a rough draft and things could changes, but not likely much. And if you don’t mind, please share with your friends on social media and get the word out. Thanks.


All material copyright, Made in DNA


Launching herself at her foe, Shion delivered a swift succession of jabs and blows that finished in a whirling high-kick to the man’s head. All the blows landed and any one of them should have injured the man, knocking him back and off his guard. Yet beyond guttural gurgle in the warrior’s throat, he stood, unflinching.

Read the rest (gratis) at Patreon.


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