Monster Girls: Mauling Your Love

In the Slime Girls: The Plot Thickens post, I explored the “history” of how slime creatures and their anthropomorphic sisters came to be such a vaunted jewel of illustrated bestiality bestiary.

While there really isn’t much more to explore in those terms, perhaps it is enough to take pause and consider the fantastic imagination of an individual who can take something as natural (and dare I say, commonplace) and lewdify it.

This is a talent not to be taken lightly. It speaks of intelligence, steadfast study, and careful consideration of just how to anthropomorphically sexualize a bee, a cow, or any animal — mythical or otherwise.

For sure, human history is rife with art and media of monsters and beasts such as the succubi/incubi and angels/demons willing to engage in both consensual and non sexual activity with humans. There’s very little to be learned from rehashing this.

However, consider the anatomical study that is required to create something as detailed as an insect. It’s an impressive task that is usually a work of great love. Did you ever wonder why the A.I. tanks a.k.a. the Fuchikoma (and all their derivatives) look like spiders? Clue phone: Shirow is a spider nut!

So take a long, lustful gander at the most definitely politically-incorrect, but quite possibly anatomically-correct (one other planets? in other dimensions?)… Monster Girls!

“Shark gal nixy”
by Maiz

Imagine exploring this cutie’s unexplored depths…

by Mr.メタボ
If you’re going to go balls out and attack a Red Dragon, wouldn’t this be the way to do it? Unsheathe your sword and battle her until she’s covered in sweat and love juices.

“Color Practice 05 – Vivian”
by Meanybeany
Vivian has come for your love and you’d better come for her.

by 怪奇ヒト人間
This might be considered a female version of the slug god from my short story “Slug Orgy.” Best part? She’s always wet!

by 怪奇ヒト人間
Lording over your lust is the Queen of the Flies! It’s going to take more than just brute balls to survive her atoll of titties.

by ジッツ
Don’t throw away that corpse! Feed her right, give her flesh, day and night!

by ジッツ
For all you well-hung gents, this Big-mouthed Ogress is more than ready to swallow you whole. And she’s as equally prepared to give you ladies a proper lashing with her lavish tongue.

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