F1x-2: The Cyber-Apocalyptic Art of Josan Gonzalez

Sexy in all kinds of ways! Groove on, Josan!


The Throne The Throne

To date, all of the art features on this blog (not including the various cosplay posts) has come from one source—me. Let’s face it, while some of my art is neat to look at and, I hope, at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t really anything to write home about.

I am not an art connoisseur. Although I have taken college level courses in design, art history, and drawing, I am still very much a layperson when it comes to the visual arts, particularly in regards to digital painting. However, while I can’t make a claim to any artistic expertise or talent, I would like to think that my aesthetic taste is something others can either appreciate or, at the very least, respect and understand.

Thus, while I don’t think I’m a very good artist myself, I don’t feel that I am overstepping my bounds by highlighting or…

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