80s Tentacles: Call Me Tonight

Japanimation (as we used to call it before it became “anime”) was my particular route of escape from the world of humdrum when I was a teen. I went to copy parties and C/FO (Cartoon / Fantasy Organization) meetings as often as I could. I understood little of the language at the time, but what I did understand was that the Japanese had a fantastic imagination.

On the day that I first watched Call Me Tonight, an adult OVA title (we didn’t call it “hentai” yet), I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what I was watching. It was not just a portal to fantasy and imagination, it was a portent of how I wanted to express myself. It was everything a hormone-drenched geeky teen like me needed; as inspiring and influential as Heavy Metal.

Plot: Rumi is an “operator” with a sex hotline company, Telephone Communications Madonna. (Ah, 80s Japan, how I love you so.) On this particular evening, she receives a call from Ryo, a young man who turns into a tentacled beast from another star when sexually aroused. Hijinks… commence.

While less than 30 minutes long, it encapsulates everything from action and science fiction to horror and comedy themes. What’s not to like? And to top it all off, it has a fantastic four-track OST (below the movie).

Without further ado… Call Me Tonight. (Apologies for the quality. It was the best available.)

Here’s a slightly better version from Veoh, but you are going to have to jump away from this site to watch.


And the OST…


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