Crimson Wolf: Supernatural Martial Arts and Violence for Adults

I’ll be honest, I dig sci-fi over most genres (supernatural, martial arts, conspiracy, in this case), but if you have an hour to kill, Crimson Wolf (紅狼(ホンラン)) really does have a nice plot and characters. And as a bonus, features a great nude shower fight scene. This is the kind of shower scene that I can get into (if you’ll pardon the pun). This is anime for adults. Without being pornographic, we get some excellent nudity amidst all the action. (EDIT: Somehow I missed the orgy scene a third of the way in. *boggle* Still works.) It reminds me a lot of 80s anime in style, execution, and atmosphere. It was released in ’93, so that speaks volumes; many works in the former part of the 90s were helmed by studios that worked throughout the 80s. If you dig Ninja Scroll or Wicked City, you’ll like Crimson Wolf.

It’s on YouTube, so watch it before they pull it.

Plot Summary: An archaeological expedition finds the mummified bodies of Genghis Khan and his army somewhere in Mongolia. Unaware that the location is cursed, the explorers wake up the former ruler of the Mongolian empire. He warns the intruders that a large calamity will befall the world in one thousand days. The only ones who can prevent this from happening are three persons who bear wolf-shaped arrow scars. They must join forces and kill the “three emperors” so that the Khan’s soul can once again sleep for a thousand years.

And if you don’t like it, enjoy Wicked City (unedited so NSFW — again, more nudity and violence than most employers or school officials dig).


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