Phantom Pain in the Ass: The Awkward Sexploitation of MSG V

While I was never able to make it beyond the first MGS game (it’s true, I suck at stealth), there was a lot of charm in the Easter eggs hidden in the game and its sequels.

But Phantom Pain is… well, just awkward.

Perhaps the problem is that I’m no longer 14 to 20 and this just doesn’t cut it as far as titillation for me. I’m sorry, but there isn’t a damn thing about the shower scene or the strange outfit given to Quiet. I’ll be honest, I feel like I’ve grown up, but the creators of MSG are still stuck in their late teens. There’s nothing wrong with either growing up or staying young, but you have to do both with style.
(Sorry, the video comes up if you click it, but the embed function doesn’t seem to work correctly.)

But I think I would truly be remiss for not pointing it out on this blog. We are here to discuss and enjoy sexploitation in all its media facets. So enjoy, and let me know how wrong you think I am in the comments section.


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