From Taiwan’s Plastic Bag Selfie Ladies with Love

You have to have a special kind of pizzazz to put on nothing more than a plastic bag and get a rise out of the Internet, but it seems the girls of Taiwan have done just that.

Supposedly following the lead of a male Facebook user, they donned little more than plastic bags from their favorite convenience stores and posted selfies on a closed Facebook group.

It’s quite obvious, and no surprise, that most of the images are coming from young women who fancy themselves Internet idols. (Belle Xie, Xiaorou Zhang and Teddy Captain feature prominently.) Any idol-wannabe with half a brain will bandwagon similar “trends.” 

The following images are among those that have been circulating outside of FB on websites. They are uncensored (as opposed to those posted on many other sites), but about as risque as a swimming suit. Still, you probably don’t want your boss catch you ogling these photos.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have. There are supposedly a lot more out there, but who knows. If you see any in the wild, feel free to leave a comment.

Photos courtesy ible (a Korean site).


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