The Mega Sexy Sculpture-Figures of Marcus Deleo

Marcus Deleo’s work cannot be described in words. To try, is to understand how inadequate one’s own vocabulary is. It has to be seen to fully appreciate the process his mind must go through to take it from conception to sculpture/figure.

In his own words:
I’m a designer.
I can basically portray my designs in almost any medium.
I prefer sculpture/3-D.
I’m able to get the idea out in an instantly, understandable manner.
2-D art is also a forte.
I can also work in; wood, metals, leather, etc.
I love beauty, human anatomy (female especially), mechanical anatomy, bio-mechanical anatomy.

All images are the property of Mr. Deleo.


The Erotic World of Giant Japanese Superheroines

It’s no secret that Japanese superhero teams such as Kyōryū Sentai Jyuranger (better known in the West as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) have been a staple of Japanese children’s TV for more than three decades. What you probably didn’t know is that there is a demand for adult film parody titles based on the beautiful, young women featured in those shows. (The boys who watched those shows in the 70s, 80s and 90s are all grown up now.)

Rather than hit you with a bunch of titles and actress names, I’m just going to supply a link to further images and the actual products.


巨大ヒロイン(R)ルーシア 前編 ふたなり女体化レズ凌辱

巨大ヒロイン(R)マシンレディーGREAT 桜咲ひな

Comic series and art by Nappi on Pixiv.

This is UltraMadam. Series preview.

A few CG images from an artist’s website

And finally, a link to more images from GigaWeb.

H/T to Tokyo Kinky for the idea.

As a special bonus, enjoy seven sexy photos of Reiko Chiba who starred as Mei in Kyōryū Sentai Jyuranger at the tender age of 17.

Now 40, she is one of the growing number of stars who are protesting Japan’s dependency on nuclear power in the wake of the tragedy on 3/11. She’s just doing it “nude”. Oh, my.

Sex Trek

Because you cannot run from the truth, let’s just take a quick peek into the Star Trek universe and do some serious thinking about the consequences of sexual conquest, a theme which was definitely insinuated in the series.

We know Kirk was all like…

(Get that pussy, Kirk.)

There were also probably times, he was like… (After all, there is nothing wrong with a man expressing his love for something big, long, and hard, especially if he wasn’t to share it with another man.)

And so, it was a good chance he and a few other of the crew members of the Enterprise were probably like, “Ummm, Dr. McCoy…”

So you can bet Star Fleet put up quite a few of these:

Copyright Dave Perillo

Crimson Wolf: Supernatural Martial Arts and Violence for Adults

I’ll be honest, I dig sci-fi over most genres (supernatural, martial arts, conspiracy, in this case), but if you have an hour to kill, Crimson Wolf (紅狼(ホンラン)) really does have a nice plot and characters. And as a bonus, features a great nude shower fight scene. This is the kind of shower scene that I can get into (if you’ll pardon the pun). This is anime for adults. Without being pornographic, we get some excellent nudity amidst all the action. (EDIT: Somehow I missed the orgy scene a third of the way in. *boggle* Still works.) It reminds me a lot of 80s anime in style, execution, and atmosphere. It was released in ’93, so that speaks volumes; many works in the former part of the 90s were helmed by studios that worked throughout the 80s. If you dig Ninja Scroll or Wicked City, you’ll like Crimson Wolf.

It’s on YouTube, so watch it before they pull it.

Plot Summary: An archaeological expedition finds the mummified bodies of Genghis Khan and his army somewhere in Mongolia. Unaware that the location is cursed, the explorers wake up the former ruler of the Mongolian empire. He warns the intruders that a large calamity will befall the world in one thousand days. The only ones who can prevent this from happening are three persons who bear wolf-shaped arrow scars. They must join forces and kill the “three emperors” so that the Khan’s soul can once again sleep for a thousand years.

And if you don’t like it, enjoy Wicked City (unedited so NSFW — again, more nudity and violence than most employers or school officials dig).

Phantom Pain in the Ass: The Awkward Sexploitation of MSG V

While I was never able to make it beyond the first MGS game (it’s true, I suck at stealth), there was a lot of charm in the Easter eggs hidden in the game and its sequels.

But Phantom Pain is… well, just awkward.

Perhaps the problem is that I’m no longer 14 to 20 and this just doesn’t cut it as far as titillation for me. I’m sorry, but there isn’t a damn thing about the shower scene or the strange outfit given to Quiet. I’ll be honest, I feel like I’ve grown up, but the creators of MSG are still stuck in their late teens. There’s nothing wrong with either growing up or staying young, but you have to do both with style.
(Sorry, the video comes up if you click it, but the embed function doesn’t seem to work correctly.)

But I think I would truly be remiss for not pointing it out on this blog. We are here to discuss and enjoy sexploitation in all its media facets. So enjoy, and let me know how wrong you think I am in the comments section.

From Taiwan’s Plastic Bag Selfie Ladies with Love

You have to have a special kind of pizzazz to put on nothing more than a plastic bag and get a rise out of the Internet, but it seems the girls of Taiwan have done just that.

Supposedly following the lead of a male Facebook user, they donned little more than plastic bags from their favorite convenience stores and posted selfies on a closed Facebook group.

It’s quite obvious, and no surprise, that most of the images are coming from young women who fancy themselves Internet idols. (Belle Xie, Xiaorou Zhang and Teddy Captain feature prominently.) Any idol-wannabe with half a brain will bandwagon similar “trends.” 

The following images are among those that have been circulating outside of FB on websites. They are uncensored (as opposed to those posted on many other sites), but about as risque as a swimming suit. Still, you probably don’t want your boss catch you ogling these photos.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have. There are supposedly a lot more out there, but who knows. If you see any in the wild, feel free to leave a comment.

Photos courtesy ible (a Korean site).