Gangs of 乳良ーく

If you are unable to read the title in-full, I apologize, but it is one of those jokes that is best told in the original language from which it is derived.

The title above is a play on the title of the film Gangs of New York. I’ve replaced “New York” with “乳良ーく” which sounds very similar to New York when spoken — Nyuu Yooku. In truth, this is a nonsense title; it literally means “breasts really great” and even native Japanese speakers will not catch the joke unless they first understand the nuance of what I was trying to share here.

The image at the very top is the inspiration for my little pun. It is from a new Japanese browser game at entitled The Gangs of Heaven. Your goal? Run the most perverted gang in all of Tokyo. (You will need to understand Japanese to register and play.) I thought my title was better.


Bullets and Babes: Arms Japan

While the majority of guns are illegal in Japan (hunting rifles with special licenses are allowed, but there are very few of those), weapons are rife in anime and some movies (especially older movies or crime flicks). So it comes as a bit of a surprise to myself that there are so many “gun” enthusiasts in Japan. When I say “gun”, of course, I’m referring to BB-guns and rifles (airsoft weapons as they are known as in Japan and other countries).

There is a robust community of enthusiasts who not only collect these model weapons, but who use them in target practice and paintball versions in weapons events and survival games. Thus, what doesn’t come as a surprise is the highly popular Arms Magazine by Hobby Japan and the sexy cover girls that have been gracing the covers for decades.

Just like in most other media, girls and guns are a hard combination to beat. Here are just a few examples of the many gorgeous ladies (to whom I would most definitely not mind surrendering).

This is Survival Gamers; also published by Hobby Japan.

The above image is from Deathtroy, a Japanese blog featuring enthusiasts, their weapons of choice, and events. Japanese ladies down in front.

Japanese enthusiasts will take their hobby to an extreme — “arming” themselves with detailed knowledge of weapons that most people would not dream of taking themselves to. The above images are by Japanese illustrator Dedo, who is also (obviously) an enthusiast. His Pixiv page is a treasure trove of great images.