Domo Orgasmo, Ms Roboto

Would you grind gears with the mechanical? It’s one of the themes I love exploring most in Full-Metal Orgasm. (It’s also the reason I started the magazine.) Engine lube masturbation and baud-rate screams fantasies are a special kind of kink that deserve our full attention as we take our first stumbling steps into the world of advanced interactive lovedolls. It is less fantasy and more inevitability than many would like to think, but the idea is not a new one.

A couple years back io9 worked up a list of robot/android characters from comics, television and fiction who have loved (or had sex) with humans. While there are only 10 characters, the list covers from the 1930s to the early 2000s, and undoubtedly, they could have compiled a much more massive list. (Personally, I’m disappointed they didn’t include Cherry from Cherry 2000 or Freya Nakamichi-47 from Saturn’s Children, but you can’t have it all.)

10 Robots or Androids Who Married a Human


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