Slime Girls: The Plot Thickens

Slime creatures have been a staple of tabletop roleplaying games since 1974 when the Dungeons & Dragons boxed set (Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson) introduced them. While there was no image in the Monsters & Treasure booklet contained with in the set, imagining their large, gooey bodies wasn’t a challenge when items like Mattel’s Slime was being played with my millions of kids.

It was perhaps the popularity of D&D, Slime (which saw release in Japan in 1978) and movies like The Blob that propelled Slime characters into video game RPGs in Japan, where they then further evolved into the cute gum drop type seen in so many JRPGs in the 80s. From there, it was a simple, hop, skip and a jump to the world of sexualizing them. (If you remember how nice the Slime felt like in your hand, it’s not so hard to imagine where else that cool, dripping, engulfing texture might also feel good.)

Enter Slime Girls (sometimes known as Goo Girls).

Two themes seem to run in the Slime Girl category. The first is the slime that sexually penetrates (or is penetrated) and then devours her prey, and the second, the Slime Girl lover who accepts the ejaculate of her lover. The first theme centers around vore (more about vore in a later post) and the second is the exhibition of male orgasm within the Slime Girl (female) body, which itself has been popular theme in erotic manga and comics for the last decade or so.
by 貝中イチジク

Internal or cut-away images displaying the money shot within the female womb are rife in the world of hentai games, manga and other media. As Slime Girls have naturally transparent (and often colorful) bodies, there is no need to recreate the visual stimulation of the orgasm (which in itself is a very powerful and gratifying act) in a side or bubble image along with the original.

by カマボコ

In the fiction narrative, slime characters make both great protagonists (with special powers or armored suits) and antagonists (as creatures capable of great deception and patience). They can be aliens, urban legends, dungeon beasts, and so much more. They agents of class strife or discrimination, inter-species love stories, interstellar wars, the special ingredient in a rare elixir… the list is endless; only the imagination limits them.

by ガララ
(Slime Girl in exosuit or as cyborg.)

And so without further ado…

“Hybrid Moments”
by BHM
(Human maids indentured to slime masters…)

by 僕は7%
(Reverse birthing.)

by ガニマタン
(Another dungeon adventurer meets his fate.)

“ゲームっぽい. スライム編”
by ヒロカヅ
(Slime Girls as RPG monster.)

by フクロウ

by ジャジャラ
(Fornicating with the Forest Slime… Sounds like the title of any number of “monster sex” porn shorts available online.)

by フクロウ
(And just what is that looking back out at you!? Her true form?)

by 可哀想
(Ahh, the Slime Teacher. Sex ed was never as interesting.)

by フクロウ
(Lest you forget that Slime Girls can take any form…)

by gaidou
(Lava-esque in her beauty.)

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3 thoughts on “Slime Girls: The Plot Thickens

  1. I loved my Slime pit. Mattel re-released it as a Harry Potter toy too. I think what was unique about the Hordak one was that it came with a mind control component. Get slimed and you were Hordak’s slave.

    • I had the original Slime but I really wanted the He-Man Slime Pit. Never got the chance. I think I had to settle for playing with a friend’s or something. What an awesome toy that was. Re-released for Harry Potter… smart marketing that. I’m sure they made a ton.

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