Review: Triangulum Stain

Triangulum Stain is a campy sci-fi erotica short story of sentient dildos on a quest to take over Earth.This tongue-in-cheek sex romp by author Moctezuma Johnson is a pastiche of 80s and 90s B sci-fi sexploitation movies and starts off with a bang (quite literally) as we are introduced to Lefty, “Chloe” and Rick who are suddenly and inexplicably overwhelmed by the urge to engage in sexual acts with each other… right there on the street!

Quickly escalating to orgasms and secret underground military complexes, readers discover that scientists are trying to understand the aliens and their bizarre reproductive behavior by using the infected trio as lab rats. Unfortunately for eggheads (yet fortunately for the readers), the head scientist’s gorgeous assistant is quickly overcum by the sentient dildos and the world seems in peril of being overrun by these insatiable monsters. Cue the entrance of Fuck Force Five, a group of hot female government agents who are ready to do what it takes to save the planet.

According to Amazon, Triangulum Stain is around 54 pages in length (quite honestly, it’s girth that counts), which makes it a nice easy read before bed or when you have a little time to kill. And as it was penned to give readers a good laugh, the plot stays relatively “simple”, making it easy to put down and pick again if you aren’t able to finish it in one reading. Very adult in nature, this sci-fi erotic work is replete with hardcore sexual acts, sexy honeys and manly men.

Moctezuma Johnson’s page has some great images of what he imagines Fuck Force Five might look like, however I decided to post some images myself, and therein, decided to give one of the ladies an “anime” look.

“Tommy” by soft-h

“g7” by soft-h

“Frad” by soft-h

“Assemble” by thomaswievegg

“Doll” by Amuscaria

Note that clicking on the images will take you back to their original source and artist. As a creative, I feel it’s important that everyone knows this information, rather than just seeing them as just “cool” images on the Internet. Some very talented people illustrated these, please take the time to note their work.


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