Asian Dragon LadyBoy

As an author of sexpunk work, I often get requests from customers seeking custom-written fiction for ideas they’ve had. (If you are interested in such work, contact me.) The following is a quick idea by reader and friend @NinjaCyborg who commissioned artist Dmitrys to do an illustration of the antiheroine of said idea. (NSFW image at the bottom.)


The story is set in the year 2034, in New Manila which is part of the Greater Singapore megalopolis incorporating Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and New Bangkok. Both Singapore and (Old) Bangkok have been flooded following a series of earthquake-triggered tsunami.

The antiheroine, the Dragon LadyBoy, operates her ladyboy-to-order service, snatching unwilling young men from the streets and forcefully feminising them before selling them to the rich executives that run the mega corporations.

Some of her tailored ladyboys have special body modifications such as having three breasts, or vagina-cocks with fuckable urethras. In this era, the elixir produced from the mixture of ladyboy cum and breast-milk is in high demand by the elite who run the mega corporations. It has youth restoring properties, but is also highly addictive. Thus it is manufactured in her backstreet labs by the Dragon LadyBoy for her richest customers, no questions asked.

The Dragon LadyBoy herself an early victim of the transgendering process before taking over the business from her predecessor. She is herself a cyberpunk version of a pulp fiction Asian “dragon lady.” She is envisioned as an individual with enormous boobs (practically ready to burst), equally enormous male genitals, long fingernails, and a dragon tattoo from her breast to her knee.


Copyright: @NinjaCyborg Illustration: Dmitrys

Copyright: @NinjaCyborg
Illustration: Dmitrys


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