Review: Triangulum Stain

Triangulum Stain is a campy sci-fi erotica short story of sentient dildos on a quest to take over Earth.This tongue-in-cheek sex romp by author Moctezuma Johnson is a pastiche of 80s and 90s B sci-fi sexploitation movies and starts off with a bang (quite literally) as we are introduced to Lefty, “Chloe” and Rick who are suddenly and inexplicably overwhelmed by the urge to engage in sexual acts with each other… right there on the street!

Quickly escalating to orgasms and secret underground military complexes, readers discover that scientists are trying to understand the aliens and their bizarre reproductive behavior by using the infected trio as lab rats. Unfortunately for eggheads (yet fortunately for the readers), the head scientist’s gorgeous assistant is quickly overcum by the sentient dildos and the world seems in peril of being overrun by these insatiable monsters. Cue the entrance of Fuck Force Five, a group of hot female government agents who are ready to do what it takes to save the planet.

According to Amazon, Triangulum Stain is around 54 pages in length (quite honestly, it’s girth that counts), which makes it a nice easy read before bed or when you have a little time to kill. And as it was penned to give readers a good laugh, the plot stays relatively “simple”, making it easy to put down and pick again if you aren’t able to finish it in one reading. Very adult in nature, this sci-fi erotic work is replete with hardcore sexual acts, sexy honeys and manly men.

Moctezuma Johnson’s page has some great images of what he imagines Fuck Force Five might look like, however I decided to post some images myself, and therein, decided to give one of the ladies an “anime” look.

“Tommy” by soft-h

“g7” by soft-h

“Frad” by soft-h

“Assemble” by thomaswievegg

“Doll” by Amuscaria

Note that clicking on the images will take you back to their original source and artist. As a creative, I feel it’s important that everyone knows this information, rather than just seeing them as just “cool” images on the Internet. Some very talented people illustrated these, please take the time to note their work.



Morning from Japan!

I’m currently working on a short story for a submission to the Lazy Fascist Review #4: Lovecraftiana. I’ll be submitting a story of tentacles and ninja using sexmajicks (watch my #ninjathulhu hashtag on Twitter for small updates). Unfortunately, that means that if it’s accepted, I won’t be able to post it here, at least within the next year or so. No worries though, I have plenty of work ready to post.

The reason I’m posting today is two-fold:

1) I like to work the writing process out-loud sometimes. I’ve reached a point in the story where the climax is building and I need to let it everything I’ve created work itself out in my head. If all the pieces don’t come together properly, the whole story will fall apart. Right now, I’m most concerned with how the protagonist escapes the clutches of the final fight with the demon lord. I’m pretty sure I’m going need to use a device from earlier in the story to help save the protagonist from a grisly fate at the hands of the demon lord’s tentacles. Yes, yes, I hear you saying, “But isn’t that the point?” Indeed it is. Most certainly she’s going to have monster sex, but she can’t die. Even in sex shorts like this, it’s important to get everything right, so, I’ve got to give it just the right device to lock it all down.

And 2) I’d like to share some inspiring images from the Internet with you. After all, what’s a tentacle post without some tentacles? All images are copyrighted to their original owners with links back to their sites. To see the images in their full glory, simply click the first word on the left of each link. It’s always fun to share inspiration. So without further ado…

らくがき by なめ雄 on pixiv

CG集宣伝 by ◯林 冬コミ30日 G-04a on pixiv

被触手侵蚀的少女 by 小星★ on pixiv

Rosa x Deoxys by ノラスコ (Norasuko) on pixiv

濡れ透けおっぱいは正義! by まめだぬき on pixiv

Asian Dragon LadyBoy

As an author of sexpunk work, I often get requests from customers seeking custom-written fiction for ideas they’ve had. (If you are interested in such work, contact me.) The following is a quick idea by reader and friend @NinjaCyborg who commissioned artist Dmitrys to do an illustration of the antiheroine of said idea. (NSFW image at the bottom.)


The story is set in the year 2034, in New Manila which is part of the Greater Singapore megalopolis incorporating Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and New Bangkok. Both Singapore and (Old) Bangkok have been flooded following a series of earthquake-triggered tsunami.

The antiheroine, the Dragon LadyBoy, operates her ladyboy-to-order service, snatching unwilling young men from the streets and forcefully feminising them before selling them to the rich executives that run the mega corporations.

Some of her tailored ladyboys have special body modifications such as having three breasts, or vagina-cocks with fuckable urethras. In this era, the elixir produced from the mixture of ladyboy cum and breast-milk is in high demand by the elite who run the mega corporations. It has youth restoring properties, but is also highly addictive. Thus it is manufactured in her backstreet labs by the Dragon LadyBoy for her richest customers, no questions asked.

The Dragon LadyBoy herself an early victim of the transgendering process before taking over the business from her predecessor. She is herself a cyberpunk version of a pulp fiction Asian “dragon lady.” She is envisioned as an individual with enormous boobs (practically ready to burst), equally enormous male genitals, long fingernails, and a dragon tattoo from her breast to her knee.


Copyright: @NinjaCyborg Illustration: Dmitrys

Copyright: @NinjaCyborg
Illustration: Dmitrys

Women Write about Comics: Crying Freeman, Woman Slave to Desire! Sex, Sex, Sex [NSFW]

 cryingA link to a great article — reprint permission, understandably, was denied — about exploitation comic Crying Freeman. A comic that defined its era (80s Japan) with its over-the-top violence, sex, lust, and human desire on all levels. Go over to the Women Write about Comics site and groove on it. This is some great in-depth look from a Western perspective, but it does suffer a bit from a non-inclusion of Japanese culture, both general and manga. Both these perspectives might have given the reviewer a little more depth and understanding to artistic style and representation of the world of Crying Freeman (and indeed Japan), but the review is otherwise an intriguing read.


Keeping up with the Jonsing

Unadulterated, unapologetic and self-indulgent short fiction reminiscent of work by Masamune Shirow, or featured in Heavy Metal, Epic Illustrated and 2000AD.

I’ll be unleashing a new sexpunk (sexploitation science fiction) short story every two months. Polished and edited. Most stories will be between 3000 and 5000 words. If I happen to publish something shorter, you’ll get it for free. If I produce something longer (up to 10,000 words), you’ll get it for the same $1.

While I don’t have a specific release schedule (beyond the two months), I do have several stories ready (one of which is free and immediately available for every patron upon signup), and I have at least ten short story ideas outlined. This backlog of ready-to-go stories will alleviate “the wait” for patrons and pressure for myself to “produce”. (You wouldn’t want me to suffer form “performance anxiety”, would you?)

You will not be charged a monthly fee, but through the PAID CONTENT option. If you are new to Patreon, that means that when a story is ready to be delivered, I will create a specific post in which only patrons will be able to access. Within the post will be a link to the content for you to download at your leisure.

If this appeals to you, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron. >