Dick Goes Porn

do androids dream of dick

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And what if Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep had been written as a pulp porn novel of the time? While it is quite unlikely that Blade Runner would have ever seen the light of day as the cult noir classic it has become, it’s a rather fun to try and imagine the kind of perversion Ridley Scott might have given us.


“Raging Metal, Pissing Savior” in Destroy All Robots! Anthology (UPDATED)

The story of a young woman using her unique talent for pissing to defeat the evil robots who have taken over the city.

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Dedicated to Jon R. Meyers who loves robots.

An anthology of anti-robot fiction, poetry, and art.

Includes work by authors:
Justin A. Mank
Matthew Vaughn
Nicolas Nacario
Grant Wamack
Michael Noe
David Anderson
Donald Armfield
Adam Joffrain
Garrett Cook
Joseph Pulver Sr.
Rick Austin
Michael H. Antonio
Scott Emerson
DJ Tyrer
Made in DNA
Kent Hill


Cover art by German comic book artist Christian Krank.
Interior art by Dave Felton and RKF