Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe

Rare is the treat of exceptional storytelling. ZBS (short for Zero Bull Shit) has been producing Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe for 45 years now. (Yes, since 1970.) Wracking up an hundreds of hours of radio drama is no small effort which requires tons of money, and yet, despite this, ZBS is offering up the entirety of Ruby’s first series for free.

My own personal love for Ruby and (ZBS’ other works) began three years ago when I came across a link (from where only the Internet gods know) that lead me straight to a land of fantasy land of work that reminded me of of the excitement of growing up in the 70s and 80s landscape of space exploration dreams. Now I understand that that’s probably of no more interest to younger people who grew up in a different world, than of 50s and 60s classic cars are to me (that’s my dad’s passion). It’s humor and adventure and sexy aliens all rolled into one, and then some. If you’re willing to try something new, willing to let yourself be sucked into a world of storytelling, then don’t miss this, whomever you are. And even if you don’t get in on the free week of series one, check out the Vimeo link below (of more recently produced work), you’ll fall in love, I promise.

Here’s Boing Boing’s link for more information on ZBS, Cory’s (quick) story on his first meet with Ruby, and an interview with ZBS’s mastermind Thomas Lopez.

Check out a sample of Ruby’s ninth series (episode one) on Vimeo, or just leap before you look and grab the whole shebang at the ZBS websiteDon’t forget to put something in the tip jar below the link to help support this fine group though. As I said, it’s been 45 years in the making, and many fine people have put their hearts and souls into it.


Pour la Saint-Valentin, Recommended Sexy SFF Reading (“You Must Be 18. . . .”);

Sex in science fiction has been around for quite a while, and here are a few books you might have missed.


It had to happen, and so here it is for Valentine’s Day courtesy of TOR.COM, “SFF Sexilostgirlser Than Fifty Shades of Grey” by Leah Schnelbach and Natalie Zutter.  Some books and authors may be familiar, some perhaps less so, but for brief descriptions (accompanied by links for exploring further and, perchance to buy for oneself) please to peruse . . . but recommended only for those who are 18 or over).

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“My Dad, the Pornographer” / An interesting look at the sometimes “secret” lives of otherwise ordinary people

This is an absolutely engrossing article in the New York Times. As a “pornographer” I often wonder what family might think of me some day. My wife is supporting, but my children are still young and know nothing about the fiction I write. I plan to keep it that way for a while. I make no more than pocket money writing porn, but it’s great fun and I hope that my children will be as proud of me as this gent seems to be of his father. And yes, proud enough to declare that their dad, too, was a pornographer.

[My dad] wrote pirate porn, ghost porn, science-fiction porn, vampire porn, historical porn, time-travel porn, secret-agent porn, thriller porn, zombie porn and Atlantis porn.