The Back Seat Writer: Guest Post by Made in DNA

When I was offered the chance to write a guest post for Tonia Brown’s The Back Seat Writer, I jumped at the chance. It was difficult — perhaps just as hard as writing prose — but I think I did a fair job as Tonia let me speak on the difficulties of writing in a niche subgenre.

Below is an excerpt. Please read the full post at The Back Seat Writer.

Today I give you a guest post from my friend Made in DNA. He writes sexy things. Very sexy. Some of it horror sexy and some of it scifi sexy, and some just sexy sexy sex. 

Enjoy his long, hard, sexy post. Yummy!

(And in case some of you haven’t figured out by now, this post is gonna be about sexy sex, with sexy pics, so wait until you get home from work to read it, you pervs!)



There, I said it.

Still here?

Thought you might be. You know I can’t see you, after all. (Though I think I can feel you. If I said I could feel you up, would you be excited?) That said, this is Internet. Are you sure your webcam is off? I’ve infected my computer. If you find yourself breathing heavily on the screen, you’ll know I’ve gone viral on you.


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