Author Interview: Made in DNA

Just this week, author DS Peters approached me with the idea of cross-interviewing each other. As we are both new to the game of both writing and blogging, I jumped on the chance immediately. Below is just an excerpt. Please visit DS Peters’ page to read the full interview.

DS: Describe what you do.

Made in DNA: I write adult cyberpunk and science fiction with transhuman and posthuman themes. I’ve dubbed it “sexpunk” and “sex-fi”. Sex is as central to the theme as gritty extrasolar worlds and bizarre lifeforms or abilities. Think of it as Heavy Metal mashed with the best of hentai anime — sexploitation science fiction.

DS: Why do you do what you do? In other words, what do you believe in?

Made in DNA: The underlying reason for why I started (and still continue) to write is for the sheer thrill of telling myself a story. I also enjoy sharing these stories, but I’m not put off by negative comments (which I have received very few of) for the simple fact that I can understand why someone might not like my work: it was written with me in mind. Does that sound crazy?


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