Sexy Robot Women!

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Technically, they’re called Gynoids, which refers to anything which resembles or pertains to the female form. Sounds pretty awkward doesn’t it? But if female robots become a reality, chances are, this is what they’ll be called. Assuming of course that the copyright on Fembots holds.

In any case, in honor of my recent foray into the world of cyborgs, today I thought I’d dedicate a post to honoring the many examples of female androids, cyborgs and robots that have come to us over the years. Whether they come in the form of seductresses, pleasure models, heroines or protectors, gynoids have served as a means of social commentary and exploration over the years.

In addition to being a cool concept and a chance for some expanded anthropological exploration, they tell us much about our perceptions on women, don’t you think? Whereas older representations regarded female robots as little more than…

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OMNI Reboot: OMNI Orgasm

The good folks at OMNI Reboot have published an essay of mine entitled “OMNI Orgasm: A Tale of Love, Sex and Transhumanism“. They will followup by publishing  my short sexpunk work “Jizzemboweler” within a few weeks. (“Jizzemboweler” is just one of the many short stories of sexpunk and adult sci-fi to be found in the ebook bundle I’m currently offering at Indiegogo for a pittance.) This has me very excited. I’ve been working hard to network and market my work. Now it seems that it’s starting to pay off. The essay opening is below, but be sure to hit the link above to read the whole thing.

There are countless portals through which one can access transhumanism and sex, however it is through Kanamara-sama Shrine that a uniquely Japanese version can be connected to the fiction style of sexpunk.

Located in modern-day Kawasaki, Kanamara-sama Shrine (lit. Metal Phallus Deity Shrine) holds an annual fertility festival, and is dedicated to sexual deities of Japan. Indeed, sex and religion are integral in the native religion of Japan, Shinto. This can clearly illustrated in Japan’s creation myth, wherein the gods Izanagi and Izanami have sex, giving birth to the archipelago. Thus though there seem to be several legendary reasons behind the construction and devotion of Kanamara-sama Shrine, it is no surprise that another legend of sex takes center stage…
Image from OMNI Reboot

The Back Seat Writer: Guest Post by Made in DNA

When I was offered the chance to write a guest post for Tonia Brown’s The Back Seat Writer, I jumped at the chance. It was difficult — perhaps just as hard as writing prose — but I think I did a fair job as Tonia let me speak on the difficulties of writing in a niche subgenre.

Below is an excerpt. Please read the full post at The Back Seat Writer.

Today I give you a guest post from my friend Made in DNA. He writes sexy things. Very sexy. Some of it horror sexy and some of it scifi sexy, and some just sexy sexy sex. 

Enjoy his long, hard, sexy post. Yummy!

(And in case some of you haven’t figured out by now, this post is gonna be about sexy sex, with sexy pics, so wait until you get home from work to read it, you pervs!)



There, I said it.

Still here?

Thought you might be. You know I can’t see you, after all. (Though I think I can feel you. If I said I could feel you up, would you be excited?) That said, this is Internet. Are you sure your webcam is off? I’ve infected my computer. If you find yourself breathing heavily on the screen, you’ll know I’ve gone viral on you.

Author Interview: Made in DNA

Just this week, author DS Peters approached me with the idea of cross-interviewing each other. As we are both new to the game of both writing and blogging, I jumped on the chance immediately. Below is just an excerpt. Please visit DS Peters’ page to read the full interview.

DS: Describe what you do.

Made in DNA: I write adult cyberpunk and science fiction with transhuman and posthuman themes. I’ve dubbed it “sexpunk” and “sex-fi”. Sex is as central to the theme as gritty extrasolar worlds and bizarre lifeforms or abilities. Think of it as Heavy Metal mashed with the best of hentai anime — sexploitation science fiction.

DS: Why do you do what you do? In other words, what do you believe in?

Made in DNA: The underlying reason for why I started (and still continue) to write is for the sheer thrill of telling myself a story. I also enjoy sharing these stories, but I’m not put off by negative comments (which I have received very few of) for the simple fact that I can understand why someone might not like my work: it was written with me in mind. Does that sound crazy?